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Puppets to Pixels With Rickey Boyd

Rickey Boyd FB promoWe got the chance to host Creative Director of Magnetic Dreams, Rickey Boyd, as a guest speaker this past St. Patrick’s Day.

Ricky doing what he does best; being a puppeteer!

Ricky doing what he does best; being a puppeteer!

Rickey Boyd is the currently the creative director of the middle Tennessee an animation company based in Nashville, TN animation studio Magnetic Dreams. During the late 1980s and 1990s, Boyd worked extensively with the Jim Henson Company famous for creating the Muppets. His work during this period included hit TV shows such as The Dinosaurs and Jim Henson Hour as well as movies including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, and Muppets From Space.

At Magnetic Dreams he has continued working with Jim Henson’s Muppets and more often with Sesame Street’s Elmo and Cookie Monster as both a puppeteer and animation director. Boyd’s involvement does not end there: he is creative director for the studio’s multiple projects.

A collection of puppets and stop motion models used by Ricky in his line of work.

A collection of puppets and stop motion models used by Ricky.

His presentation started with a brief overview of how puppeteers and animation have intermingled through the years on TV and in movies. He also showed off some of his storyboarding prowess, showing each step of the animation process. From inter laying multiple videos to directing puppeteers Ricky showed how he and his studio can really bring a show together! But, the presentation really picked up steam when the puppets started coming out. And the best part of it all was that I got to puppeteer as well!

Ricky and I lip-syncing our puppets to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

Ricky and I lip-syncing our puppets to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

It was difficult working with Ricky trying to get my puppet to do what my mind was thinking, but eventually I think I got the hang of it. Although I was no match for Ricky’s emotion. It was a extremely fun experience I can say I was a part of and would definitely do again given the opportunity.

We want to thank Ricky Boyd and his family for coming out and providing a entertaining presentation and we would love to have him out again!


JABEcon! Fortnight

So what is  JABEcon? Well it stands for Japan, Animation, Books, and Entertainment Convention,  but it is more than that. JABEcon is a gathering of fans, professionals, and most of all: geeks. This is a chance for our local community to foster interest and discussion about all forms of geek media. It is really an all ages celebration.

Last year's Cosplay Contest

Last year the Lebanon event saw almost 250 attendees, read more about last year’s event here. Now in its third year, JABEcon is kicking it up.

The Event will be featuring its first ever voice actor Chuck Huber, famous for Android 17 from DBZ and Stein from Soul Eater. He is not the only guest; this year will also feature amazing cosplay guests Vedetta Marie,Matt Lassiter, and Joshua Patterson. We will also be rocking out to Lipstickand Chris Davis and His K-Pop All Stars.  Programming features a wide scope of panelists ranging from staff run, fan groups, and even some professionals. Listen to panels about Voice Acting, Ninja Warrior all the way to My Little Pony and much more check out the full programming listhere. Check out the amazing vendors for your favorite otaku merchandise and the talented artists for one-of-kind masterpieces.


The Cumberland University Learning Commons, the home of JABEcon Fortnight.

This year’s subtitle Fortnight is a play on both the theme of medieval and the year 2014, so come and Storm the castle with us at Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN on May 31st.

jabecon 2014 (3)

See you at JABEcon! More info at

If you are interested in more than just coming, here are some ways to help out:

Volunteer Form

Becoming Staff

Liking the page on Facebook

(Article from Nashville Geek Life by EAO President Skylar Stone)

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Best in Entertainment 2013

Over the last few weeks we have ran a poll asking for the Best in Entertainment of 2013, these are Cumberland’s answers.


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 

25% of the votes

This sequel clearly caught fire with the CU campus winning a quarter of the votes.

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Movie of 2013

EAO’s Pick

Pacific Rim 20%

A pretty close second place that was the majority of EAO members favorite was Guillermo Del Toro’ s new visually striking action movie.

EAO’s Pick


Katy Perry- “Roar”

14% of the votes

Katy Perry’s Tarzan jungle adventure won the place of the most voted single song.

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Song of 2013

Best Album:

RAM by Daft Punk

28% of the votes

While Katy Perry got the most votes on “Roar“, more votes were dedicated to several song from the new Daft Punk album.


Pokemon X and Y

28% of the votes

Pokemon is not just for kids as it won the spot for the best game for CU students.

Cumberland's Vote for Best Video Game of 2013

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Video Game of 2013


Steven Universe

35% of the votes

The lovable new Cartoon Network show stole the lead with the next place, NBC’s The Blacklist, only getting 14% of the votes.

Cumberland's Vote for Best Show of 2013

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Show of 2013

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Fall Fun Fest

October 30th marked Fall Fun Fest. This year EAO got a shot at throwing the party.

Fall Fun Fest

Kids showed up in droves to interact with the Lebanon Police Department K-9 unit, Lebanon Fire Department, to get candy from various Cumberland University student groups, to hear a live DJ, and to play video games with Lebanon GameStop.

Our kids costume contest saw over 90 entries! The talent and creativity of the costumes abounded in every age range. So many signed up in the 5 and up category that we had to have 4 winners!

After the kids wrapped up for the night, we teamed up The Bridge church’s new youth group The Avenue to throw a Halloween party grown up style with more live music, a cookout, bonfire, glowsticks, video games from GameStop, and an adult costume contest.

Hopefully the event showed that kids of ALL AGES really means all ages!!!

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