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The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest Review

Article by Javin Stone

Ever since we saw the Distant Worlds concert last April we have been dying to see another concert at the Schermerhorn Center. When we learned that The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest was not only going to be at the Schermerhorn but was first on the tour we immediately started to get tickets.

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Going in we were once again welcomed by the beautiful interior and exterior of the Schermerhorn center. This time we were a bit more prepared and dressed up for the occasion.

Skylar as psudeo-Link

Skylar as psudeo-Link

The integration of video and live music was much different than that used by the Distant Worlds tour. The music was timed out so that the video matched up as close as possible with the ebb and flow of the music. It was very interesting to see the monitor used by the conductor having the video that was playing for the audience as well as the measure number and other helpful tools. While I wished Song of Storm had made an appearance, the music choices were still recognizable and just as good.

No Zelda shirts? Make one with bleach!

No Zelda shirts? Make one with bleach!

It was difficult to take your eyes off of the screen playing all of the classic scenes of the Zelda franchise and even some new scenes from the upcoming Majora’s Mask 3D remake. The trivia before and during the intermission of the show was a very nice touch to keep the audience entertained.

The Intermission screen looks so good.

The Intermission screen looks so good.

All in all, this was a very different show than the Distant Worlds tour despite their similarity. But, this show was extremely entertaining and fun to watch, listen, and experience. We very much look forward to our next trip to the Schermerhorn Center!

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Mystery Skulls Animated- Ghost

Music videos, animated or otherwise, are not a new concept but it is a refreshing site to see how this one came to be. Its not a song from a popular band, but the band is growing. It doesn’t have advertising, it didn’t air over an official TV or online channel nor does it even have many credits but the professional manner in which it is made it is astounding.

Ben Mangum has been making animations online for years with a meager following. Often his videos are comedy based, like a comment on a piece of media or a pun. He is obviously a dedicated fan that enjoys making animations, something that is required when doing something like this as a hobby. Going though his YouTube channel you can see his shift of interest going towards music based videos, yet they still keep the funny atmosphere he has had in previous videos, some even with direct references. It wasn’t until the video “The Turntable Turnabout” (Which you can see below) that his style that would eventually make “Ghost” came though.

The video is a romp through electronic music using Phoenix Wright characters, with some My Little Pony and Daft Punk thrown in as well. “The Turntable Turnabout” was eventually seen by the song’s band and that band, Mystery Skulls, liked the video so much Ben was commissioned to make a new, totally original video.

According to Ben, The “Ghost” video took longer than he wanted to make it, but the work paid off because within on week of it’s debut it had close to a million views. It is a perfect meld of many different fandoms that come together to make an original and extremely interesting story.Yes, a story! The music along with the animation actually tells a story without actually saying it outright.

But this video really shines when you look at the animation. It is amazingly professional despite having a crew of less than 10 work on it. From the color choices to the character designs, I cannot think of a better way for any of it to be done. The references to other media, such as scene motifs and animation style, are subtle enough that is make it seem like homage rather than stealing. This proves that this is a fan’s work, showing that they can extrapolate the media past what is at face value.

But dont take my word for it if you have not seen it already. The best way I can say anything about this video is to just watch it.

WARNING: The Song Below Contains 1 Use of Extreme Profanity at 1:54-1:55

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Impending Doom- Death Will Reign Album Review


The Band: Impending Doom is a 5 part death metal band from Riverside, California. The current set up includes 2 guitarists (Manny Contreras & Eric Correa), a bass player (David Sittig), a drummer (Brandon Trahan), and a frontman/vocalist (Brook Reeves). Since 2005 the band has been playing Christian music the hardest way possible across the nation and through 5 albums.

Previous Work: Impending Doom has a history of pushing the boundary of the “Christian” label inventing both the term “Gorship”, or the 21st century style of Fire and Brimstone speeches, as well as the “Repentagram”, a 7 pointed made up symbol of Christian death metal. These boundary pushing elements are present in the lyrics of the melodic shifts into intense breakdowns. At the band’s inception was the ideal of a Grindcore sound, or a sound that utilizes an inhaled vocal style similar to a pig squealing. Since the 2009 album “Serpent Servant” the band has relied on exhaled low growls. This change has allowed a more varied range of lyrical patterns, an idea taken too far in the follow up album “There Will Be Violence” in 2010. Luckily the band recalibrated the balance in 2012 with the release of “Baptized in Filth” again utilizing the low growls in a varied pattern but lacked the deep breakdowns of the earlier band.


The Album: Impending Doom has regained founding member Manny Contreras on Guitar to an alarming result, the band has regained a deeper tone delving into Djent level sounds in the tracks Ravenous Disease and The Divine. Much of the lyrical patterns dip into the darker sides of religion in contrast with scored string sections.  I was personally taken back to the first time I heard the band back in 2007 and to 2009 when I heard them live in Nashville. My only hold back is that many of the songs sound too similar, its not much to note but enough to make it not perfect.

Overall “Death Will Reign” has met my expectations and blown it away with deafening Djent tones!

I give the album a 4.5 out of 5

Hear this and more metal every night starting at Midnight on 91.5fm or online at

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