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EAO Review of Pokemon X and Y

Well it’s finally here, the 6th generation of Pokémon; X and Y!


Pokemon X and Y

When it was first announced, there were definitely some mixed reactions with the name and focus. But, as more and more information was released, the public’s opinion changed positively and drastically. The hype was palpable at the midnight release at our local GameStop as 40 or so Pokémon fans from ages of 5-30, both men and women eagerly waited for his or her copy. That is the fandom Pokémon has developed over the years as it has grown with its fans.  It does not matter how you play, why you play, or how long you’ve been playing, Pokémon is a franchise that has cemented itself in the video game community that it itself helped form.

X and Y are the first Pokémon games from the main storyline to be only available for the 3DS family. Nintendo knew this, and to help players who had been hesitant in buying a 3DS, they released a new product called the 2DS on the same day as a cheaper alternative. Having chosen the route of the 2DS, I must recommend it if you do not have a 3DS and want to play X or Y. With its sleek yet brick like features, it is very reminiscent of the GameBoy Color which many of my generation grew up with. The lack of the stereoscopic 3D isn’t really anything to worry about, the ability would be nice, but it’s not worth the $40 extra.

Now let’s talk about the actual game. X and Y is a Pokémon veteran’s dream. With its ease of online battling and trading, comprehensive collection of fan favorite Pokémon and beautiful visuals, even non-Pokémon lovers are jealous.  Not only are the previous gameplay techniques almost perfected, the new additions connect player and Pokémon even more. I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical of the Pokémon-Amie feature when it was announced, but I have been taken by it now. It may sound a bit like playing dollhouse to pet and feed and play with your Pokémon, but after doing this for so long, your Pokémon’s happiness will rise and it affects it’s in battle capabilities. One of the best features of this is sometimes your Pokémon will endure hits that would normally KO them because they don’t want to disappoint you. I think this is a great connection to the player and making this “minigame” for all intent and purposes, actually matter and make you want to do it.

Another great addition to the game is something that seems silly to be excited for in this day and age of video games; diagonal movement. With a new base of 8 directions to move in, maneuvering around the Kalos region becomes so much easier and most people would be happy with just that but Nintendo and Game Freak outdid themselves on this and added another type of movement for when you are on your roller skates or bicycle which is fluid movement. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had rolling around, doing spins and trying out some tricks moves just because it was so much fun. It really makes you stop and appreciate the little things. All in all, Pokémon X and Y are a must buy if you been playing Pokémon since it first came out or you are interested in what all of the hype is about and want to try it out.

EAO gives Pokemon a 5 out of 5.

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