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Impending Doom- Death Will Reign Album Review


The Band: Impending Doom is a 5 part death metal band from Riverside, California. The current set up includes 2 guitarists (Manny Contreras & Eric Correa), a bass player (David Sittig), a drummer (Brandon Trahan), and a frontman/vocalist (Brook Reeves). Since 2005 the band has been playing Christian music the hardest way possible across the nation and through 5 albums.

Previous Work: Impending Doom has a history of pushing the boundary of the “Christian” label inventing both the term “Gorship”, or the 21st century style of Fire and Brimstone speeches, as well as the “Repentagram”, a 7 pointed made up symbol of Christian death metal. These boundary pushing elements are present in the lyrics of the melodic shifts into intense breakdowns. At the band’s inception was the ideal of a Grindcore sound, or a sound that utilizes an inhaled vocal style similar to a pig squealing. Since the 2009 album “Serpent Servant” the band has relied on exhaled low growls. This change has allowed a more varied range of lyrical patterns, an idea taken too far in the follow up album “There Will Be Violence” in 2010. Luckily the band recalibrated the balance in 2012 with the release of “Baptized in Filth” again utilizing the low growls in a varied pattern but lacked the deep breakdowns of the earlier band.


The Album: Impending Doom has regained founding member Manny Contreras on Guitar to an alarming result, the band has regained a deeper tone delving into Djent level sounds in the tracks Ravenous Disease and The Divine. Much of the lyrical patterns dip into the darker sides of religion in contrast with scored string sections.  I was personally taken back to the first time I heard the band back in 2007 and to 2009 when I heard them live in Nashville. My only hold back is that many of the songs sound too similar, its not much to note but enough to make it not perfect.

Overall “Death Will Reign” has met my expectations and blown it away with deafening Djent tones!

I give the album a 4.5 out of 5

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