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Best in Entertainment 2013

Over the last few weeks we have ran a poll asking for the Best in Entertainment of 2013, these are Cumberland’s answers.


The Hunger Games: Catching FireĀ 

25% of the votes

This sequel clearly caught fire with the CU campus winning a quarter of the votes.

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Movie of 2013

EAO’s Pick

Pacific Rim 20%

A pretty close second place that was the majority of EAO members favorite was Guillermo Del Toro’ s new visually striking action movie.

EAO’s Pick


Katy Perry- “Roar”

14% of the votes

Katy Perry’s Tarzan jungle adventure won the place of the most voted single song.

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Song of 2013

Best Album:

RAM by Daft Punk

28% of the votes

While Katy Perry got the most votes on “Roar“, more votes were dedicated to several song from the new Daft Punk album.


Pokemon X and Y

28% of the votes

Pokemon is not just for kids as it won the spot for the best game for CU students.

Cumberland's Vote for Best Video Game of 2013

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Video Game of 2013


Steven Universe

35% of the votes

The lovable new Cartoon Network show stole the lead with the next place, NBC’s The Blacklist, only getting 14% of the votes.

Cumberland's Vote for Best Show of 2013

Cumberland’s Vote for Best Show of 2013

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